CLASS Training for Head Start Reviewers

The Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) is an observation tool that focuses on the effectiveness of classroom interactions among children and teachers.  In FY 2011, all Head Start grantees scheduled to be monitored that have at least one classroom with pre-school age children will be assessed using the CLASS Assessment Tool.  Danya, as the contractor responsible for assisting the Office of Head Start’s monitoring efforts, is seeking additional CLASS reliable reviewers.

A two and a half day CLASS training will be offered the week of November 15 in Columbus, Ohio. Individuals who are already Danya monitoring reviewer consultants are invited to take the training.  Individuals who wish to apply to become Danya consultant/reviewers, will be screened by Danya, and if accepted will be required to take the training.  A small fee will be charged to cover training expenses. A Certification fee of $35  or Re-Certification fee of $25 will be charged at the end of the training session and participants should be prepared to pay this fee on-site at that time.

Danya will provide the training manual for new CLASS participants and returning CLASS trainers should bring their manual to the event.   Details about how the costs will be processed will be provided to individuals accepted for registration for the training.  Participants will also be responsible for all travel costs.

Anyone interested in this opportunity should first complete an Interest Form, which will be reviewed by Danya to determine if the applicant meets the minimum qualifications necessary to become a reviewer consultant.  Those that do will be notified to that effect and will then need to sign a consultant reviewer agreement with Danya to complete the process.  At that time, approved participants will be forwarded more information about obtaining training materials and work that must be completed prior to the event, as well as a registration form which will include instructions to process registration fee payment.

If interested in pursuing this opportunity please go to the following web-site to learn more about reviewer qualifications, expectations, and the reviewer application process.

If you would like to pursue this CLASS training opportunity, please complete the Interest Form.  Return the form with a current résumé to or fax to 937-435-5411.

If you have any questions, please contact Tamra Pollard at 240-645-1762 or

Click here for the Interest Form